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Wisdom In Living Life

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 2)

Satan has convinced the world that sin does not exist. Scripture states that the enemy only comes to kill, steal, and destroy (John 8:31-32), and he is oh so active right here in Greenville County. Families and lives are being killed, stolen, and destroyed because of addictions. The secular world calls it a disease, but the Bible makes it clear that it is a sin! Rehabilitation programs without Christ have less than a 10% success rate, because lives are not being changed. We are to blame for our sin, and we all have to come to that realization to repent in order to heal, receive forgiveness from Christ, and allow God to direct our lives.

What is your foundation built upon? The Bible makes it clear that if our house is built upon the sand, it will fall (Matthew 7:24-27). Only when our lives are built upon the Lord Jesus Christ can we face the storms. A Christ-Centered end addiction to drugs and alcohol discipleship training center that helps establish this Solid Rock foundation sounds like a radical idea, but this is just what you will find in the teachings at Wisdom in Living Life.

With a success rate of over 70% after a year follow up, this Bible based program is seeing God work in our community. One man’s mission has seen tremendous growth and partnership after launching Wisdom in Living Life in 2000. A former addict himself, Winn Freeman saw the need for a different kind of rehabilitation program firsthand. After heroin and alcohol addiction brought him to the end of his rope and a prison cell, Winn started seeking help from the church. He found many wanting to help, but they didn’t know where to begin.

After a brief time of speaking in churches in California, Winn found himself replanted in Greenville to attend Bible College. After becoming an ordained pastor, he developed a Christ centered program for the homeless through the Greenville Rescue Mission. Scriptural wisdom and biblical truth was now available for the homeless and destitute, but what about the addicts that were seemingly functioning in the world? “60% of Greenville County residents live with someone or know a friend, coworker, or relative with a substance abuse problem.” Addictions hit every level of society, and there was a real need for a program that could reach the whole scope. The desire to begin Wisdom in Living Life was born here.

Winn Freeman envisioned a residential facility for those struggling with addiction based on the scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:17. This facility would continue the program developed through Greenville Rescue Mission. Those struggling in their sin would be shown how to be set free and walk for the Lord! Wisdom in Living Life started slower than Winn initially hoped for. Twelve years into the program, the residential housing part of the plan is still a work in progress. Not to be discouraged, Winn Freeman knows this is what God has called him to do. The results are real, and people have been freed from the bondage of sin!

The residential facility has had some very positive steps forward recently. Draxlmaier Automotive of America Company donated two former training buildings, and Heartstep has begun a campaign to help the construction of the 20 beds Beyond Recovery Residential Training Center & multi-purpose room with kitchen, www.beyondrecoveryproject.com. They are seeking: “50 church leaders (pastors) to commit to present this need to their congregation and with prayer take an offering. We need 5,000 people to give just $100. An investment that will have an eternal impact.” (Mission Statement from www.beyondrecoveryproject.com) This facility will house addicts and will be a training facility and family resource center available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Although the housing facility is not yet complete, Wisdom in Living Life’s ministry is very active. They are an open door to those struggling with addictions, their families, and the community. In the age of technology, services are available through the internet and by phone. If help is wanted face to face, godly counsel is available at the training facility in Traveler’s Rest or even at a requested location.

Classes are offered on a weekly basis at the Traveler’s Rest location for free with donation. Monday nights focus on those who have chosen to be free from addiction, and it is called “Wisdom's Keys to Freedom Class.” Private counseling sessions are also available any day of the week on a fee basis. The ministry does take into consideration the recipient’s ability to pay for the services and are working to set up a donation program to assist those in need.

Those trapped in addictions are not the only people that need help, and “Wisdom’s Freedom–Stop Enabling!” focuses on family members and associates on Tuesday nights. This training and guidance is an all too overlooked issue in recovery. Often, recovery is hindered and addiction continues because of enablers whose behaviors tend to support the problems. Wisdom in Living Life offers practical advice to help spouses, grandparents, parents, etc. deal with addicts, spot warning signs, and help- instead of hinder - the recovery process.

Thursday nights offer a chance to get to know Wisdom in Living Life through the “Choosing to Be Free Class.” This is a chance for anybody to find out more about the ministry and what ways it may help. Addicts may come for assistance, family members may come for guidance, businesses may come for understanding, and churches may come for equipping. This adults only orientation is open to the general public, and there is always a “Meet & Greet” with fellowship after each meeting. Every third Thursday, is a special “Bring A Friend / Bring A Pastor” night.

“The Filling Station” is a social event that concludes each regular week on Friday nights. It is a time of laughs and encouragements that is sure to fill every one’s tank! Wisdom in Living Life is a ministry that is seeking to change lives and empower God’s people.

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Immersing in God’s Word is a central part of recovery. (Photo courtesy of Wisdom in Living Life)

Winn Freeman, “The Anti-Drug Guy”, hosting one of the many classes. (Photo courtesy of Wisdom in Living Life)

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