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Music: TYTUS

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 2 - Issue 2)

The musician named TYTUS has always been the good kid. He grew up in a Pentecostal church with his mom, dad, and two brothers. With a father who sang, TYTUS soon found himself forced on stage as well. This was not an easy thing for the new singer, because he was a self described shy guy! The wheels were being set in motion for a musical passion that would carry him into college.

TYTUS’ first experience with an instrument was playing sax in the high school band for a year. Piano came next but ended abruptly when his piano teacher passed away. When he turned 15, TYTUS began to teach himself guitar with DVD training videos. At Clemson University, he often found himself alone with his music and songwriting soon developed from there.

What was this shy guy going to do with original music? Performing at his local church allowed him the opportunity to lead a “lock-in” at the church. After that, singing in front others became much easier. While songwriting and performing were progressing, TYTUS felt stalled in his faith.

At 20 years old, TYTUS realized that his relationship with God was very dependent upon the church. He had always been very involved with the church, but how involved was he with the Lord? It’s the trap many Christians can find themselves in without knowing. We believe more attendance or service in the church somehow equates to a stronger relationship with God.

TYTUS was not satisfied and began to dive deep into the Word. After a year of studying the New Testament, he began to truly feel like he had his own relationship with Jesus Christ. God revealed so much to TYTUS, and he finally felt closer to God. He realized that if the church and all his friends and family were to be taken away, his faith would still stand.

Just like all men, TYTUS still can have his struggles. This human condition has been the inspiration for many of his songs. With the desire to impact a broad audience, TYTUS’ songs are often written in an ambiguous manner. The audience can take TYTUS’ stories and find they personally speak to their own lives. The dark times and struggles that we all experience are always injected with Hope in his songs. They are ultimately about TYTUS’ relationship with Jesus Christ.

Being called Christian music can often tag on unwanted labels to an artist. TYTUS wants to simply be known as a Christian who is a songwriter. God has given him the mission to do more than “preach to the choir.” He wants to bring love, encouragement, and hope to his fans. Sometimes his Christian worldview may offer blatant declarations of God, and sometimes the Lord will shine through a more poetic structure. A future desire for his music is to use it for mission work in underprivileged countries.

TYTUS’ style of music can sometimes be hard to classify. His songs often come from an acoustic songwriter style that can be heard on many demos available through his website. His debut release the human condition ep, offers a more rock sound with a full band. TYTUS strives to make each song different, and this can be observed with his various arrangements and chord structures.

Though the style of music can be hard to pinpoint, there are frequent comparisons when it comes to his voice. Needtobreathe has been a huge inspiration, and many compare TYTUS to their lead singer. He also sounds strikingly similar to Building 429 vocally. Still, TYTUS has a sound all his own.

Another cited influence is the secular musician Matthew Mayfield. This acoustic songwriter built his audience with a “Do It Yourself” work ethic that drives many independent musicians, including TYTUS. Matthew’s songwriting has been an inspiration that can be heard in TYTUS’ music. Other influences include Switchfoot, Edwin McCain, Hillsong, and even Coldplay.

TYTUS’ story of faith has just begun. With the recent release of his first professional studio album the human condition ep, TYTUS is ready to make his mark. He’s ready to make a difference in the world and share the voice he didn’t even know he had. To find out more about TYTUS, his tour dates, and to purchase his album, visit www.tytusmusic.net.

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From: Volume 2 - Issue 2


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