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Music: Tyler Batts

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 4)

It’s a familiar story. A child grows up in a Christian home. They get a car in high school and begin drifting away. College pulls them further away from the Lord, until many completely deny the faith. The path from there can become a bit more complicated. You will find some people that continue to stay wrapped up in the self serving secular world. By the grace of God, you will see others go through a radical transformation. That change is called salvation, and that is the redemption story of Tyler Batts.

Though he had a golf scholarship at North Greenville University, the rebellious young man hated the Christian school and its rules. Seeking a change at Clemson University, Tyler suddenly was taken down another path. After a family crisis brought him to his knees and to the Lord, Tyler Batts was led back to North Greenville University. He got connected back to a church and noticed people playing guitars in the praise band. Tyler could play guitar and thought “I can do that.” God had a purpose for bringing him there, and Tyler’s musical journey truly began.

When Tyler was growing up in Easley, SC, his grandfather would often come over and play guitar, including some Elvis. It was this time of discovery that planted the musical seed in Tyler’s life. When he was eight, he got his first guitar. Some piano lessons soon followed but were abandoned after only a few months. During high school, Tyler played guitar to try and impress the girls. Nothing serious came of his playing during that time, but he did dabble in folk and acoustic music. A high school math teacher even showed Tyler some James Taylor and Beatles songs.

After Tyler came to the Lord in June 2008, his musical involvement grew from within the church. Though he had experience playing the guitar, Tyler had never attempted to sing in public. He describes his singing background as just “singing in the car to the steering wheel.” God gave him the opportunity to share his voice, and Tyler eventually began leading worship with the youth group.

Only a few months after being saved, the Lord started giving Tyler Batts songs to write. He also began to play piano again after seeing pianist Jason Walker (who now plays with Audio Adrenaline) open up for Chris Sligh in Greenville. Tyler describes his ability to suddenly play the piano as unexplainable other than as a gift from God. Somebody once told Tyler that when he wrote songs, to just go in a room all alone, read the Word, and just write what God gave him. This is a tip that Tyler took to heart and applies to all his songwriting.

Stylistically, his music ranges from folk- to alternative - to praise & worship. Many different influences come together to give Tyler’s music a sound of its own. All of his songs relate to life experiences, and recently he has found himself being led to write more worship music. In his church, Tremont Church of God, he finds himself singing many standard praise & worship songs but is also excited about sharing his original music.

Other opportunities have continued to open for Tyler to share his talents. He often finds himself playing at events held by other churches, at small venues, and even at weddings. Tyler was also recently selected as one of the eight finalists in the LifeLight Christian Festival contest, an honor that gives him the opportunity to compete in Sherman, Texas for a chance at touring the 2014 LifeLight concert series that hits places like South Dakota, Texas, Missouri, Florida, and North Carolina.

Tyler has released several of his songs over the past few years and will be releasing a new single sometime in 2013. It will be professionally produced by Conrad Johnson (from the group Chris and Conrad) that discovered Tyler’s music online. Inertia Sound Studio in Florida has studio musicians that will possibly be involved in the recording including the drummer for Carrie Underwood and the guitarist/bassist from MuteMath. The single will be promoted to Christian radio stations around the country in hopes of taking Tyler Batt’s music to the next level. A small collection of songs will also be released around a year later. For now, self produced songs and several videos are available on his website.

God has given us all gifts in various forms. Some of us may be teachers, some preachers, some even musicians, but it is all for the glory of God. Unless the Lord leads him elsewhere, Tyler Batts feels his calling is music, and he hopes to do it full time some day. Like Matt Redman and Kristian Stanfill lead worship at their home church but continue to play their music abroad, Tyler desires to stay connected to a church while sharing his music. Great things are sure to come! To find out more about Tyler Batt’s passion and direction, visit him online.

Download the free song "Beautiful" here and "Nothing But The Blood" here.


From: Volume 1 - Issue 4


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