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Those men that are seeking out the sex services are commonly referred to as johns. They are from all walks of life and face several consequences for their sin. There are legal ramifications for their choices, and there is always the high possibility of STDs. Not to be overlooked, the johns are the reason that sex trafficking even exists. Sin is a destructive force that attacks the prostitutes, pimps/traffickers, and johns involved. These are some of the very people that the world forsakes.

No matter how others may treat them, God loves all these people. As Christians, we should love them too. The Church is the “Bride of Christ”, and this is a truth that has become distorted to those lost in sexual sin. Sex was created for marriage, and the sanctity of marriage is continually attacked by Satan. Sex and “love” have become so perverted from God’s original intention, that many have a problem understanding the Lord’s love for them. Switch 42:16’s mission is to share the love of Christ.

The reality of sex trafficking has to be addressed through prevention, intervention, and restoration. The first part of prevention that Switch 42:16 acts upon is educating the youth of Greenville about the methods that traffickers use to lure people into sex trafficking. They are also trained to recognize victims. This educational program is available to any group of youth in schools, churches, home gatherings, etc. High risk people in rape/abuse crisis centers are also educated by the team.

Another part of prevention is addressing the demand. Men on the Switch 42:16 team work with boys and men in the community to educate them about sexual sins. They show how lust, pornography, and the various aspects of sex trafficking are all connected together. Support groups are also available for men seeking freedom from sex addictions. Switch 42:16 realizes that if the demand is not addressed, the sex industry cannot be stopped. If 20 women/girls in the sex industry were freed from bondage in Greenville County, 20 more will ultimately replace them if the men are not stopped. These Demand Teams use outreaches through churches by providing meals and establishing friendships first and foremost. A John School will also soon be available that helps to rehabilitate men that are charged with soliciting sex. They’ll learn about the effects of their actions on themselves, the women, and the community. This will be a program with a substantial fee that lasts a couple of months, and men will have this option to reduce their criminal charges.

Training is offered to nurses and healthcare workers to recognize the victims of sex trafficking and how to address the situation. Continuing education credits are even available to nurses that complete the program. There is also a desire to train police officers in the community to help reach those affected by sex trafficking.

Intervention is an extremely important part of Switch 42:16’s mission. They seek to build relationships with those in the sex industry by showing God’s love. Street prostitutes are met face to face by team members who go to different parts of Greenville. Switch 42:16 takes the time to listen and talk to these women. They pursue them, follow up with them, and help them where needed. Gift baskets are also prepared as an outreach to the sexually exploited. These gifts include chocolates, jewelry, and a special note written with the Lord’s leading. The team even recently saw a lady set free and accept Jesus Christ.

Those people that are freed from the sex industry are offered assistance through Switch 42:16. The restoration part of the ministry uses already established organizations to address many specific needs such as drug abuse. There are also many exciting housing projects that Switch 42:16 has in the works. Short Term Housing will be available to begin the restoration process in a safe nurturing environment. Transitional Housing will give the sex trafficking victims the skills and tools needed for the next stage in their lives. This will include higher education, budgeting, job skills, and job placement. A Children’s Program will also be put in place to give them love and healing along with counseling and education. At the end of their care, the team will assist with their proper placement.

Switch 42:16 wants the help of the community. Prayer, a vital part of everything that the organization ever does, is always needed. The team wants people to share about the problem of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Let your friends, family, and church know about this need and what they can do to help. Report crimes that you know are being committed and have a heart for the people.

Volunteers are needed for the many aspects of Switch 42:16. Perhaps you have a calling to witness to the victims, maybe you have a heart to witness to young men, or you might just have a special talent that God has gifted you with. Whatever it is, you can be used in this ministry. Preparing baskets for the outreach ministries is also needed. The team desires to have women and men that have been freed from the sex industry to help reach out and share the love of Jesus as well. Switch 42:16 also needs psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, and OBGYNs to volunteer their services. If you have a skill, Switch 42:16 can use it in some way. Interns are always welcome and needed for case management, accounting, research, grant writing, office work, and marketing.

Without donations, Switch 42:16 cannot fulfill their mission. It is vital to keep the ministry going, to complete the housing projects, and to see people redeemed from the sex industry. Join the fight to stop human trafficking! Switch 42:16 has a desire to see their ministry reach further and to share their action plan with other communities around the world.

God loves us all so very much, and He desires healing and restoration for all those affected by the sex industry and human trafficking. People find their labels and identities in their sin, but God desires more. Our Father desires our identity to be in Him.

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From: Volume 2 - Issue 1


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