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KT and his church people took this faith situation with the cast as an opportunity to witness. There were many seeds planted from great discussions with the actors. Downtown Community Fellowship, KT’s church, also prepared a prayer letter for each actor for the days that they were on set. The two purposes that KT had once struggled with were coming together. Entertainment was being used as a ministry tool within the production, and it was also bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the viewing audience!

God was obviously at work with “Redemption of the Commons.” On a small budget, there were many needs that had to be met in unconventional ways. There was actually zero dollars to invest in the production to start with. A campaign to raise funds started online through KickStarter, a crowdsourcing site that allowed fans to help fund the movie. 58% of the total money collected came in the last 72 hours of a 35 days deadline. The amazing thing is that if $50,000 was not raised in the 35 days, the project would not have received any of the funds collected by KickStarter. The goal was passed in the last few days to reach $58,195.

After much of the movie was completed, the project was still in need of $20,000. On one particular day off, a friend stopped by director KT Terry’s house with a check. Unsure of where the final funds were going to come from, KT appreciated the check, but only expected a hundred dollars or so. His friend stated that God had laid it upon his heart to donate, and the director was nearly floored when he opened the check to find exactly $20,000!

Trailers were also needed for set pieces, and the film ended up obtaining every single trailer for free. Land was offered to build a fake trailer park, and the movie suddenly had its own full production set! This wasn’t Hollywood though. “Redemption of the Commons” was filmed in Seneca, Central, Newry, and Greenville, South Carolina.

Weather can also be a challenge for low budget films and often creates huge setbacks. Avoiding one torrential downpour seemed unlikely, but as filming began, the crew found themselves on dry ground with rain all around. Looking at the radar, a clear circle in the storm front could be seen right on their location.

Creating storms for effect had to literally be an act of God as well. The script called for a storm and a rumble of thunder in a pivotal closing scene. Without a budget to create a computer generated storm or a rain machine, it appeared that there would not be a storm in the final cut of the movie. Suddenly without warning, a storm rolled over the lakes in the area and the crackle of thunder came in right where it was scripted!

KT Terry would share that the amazing blessings from God in this film are too numerous to count. He was encouraged to know that “God is in this.” In gratitude, “Redemption of the Commons” is going to be giving back to several Christian organizations. Living Waters works to bring clean water to underdeveloped areas all around the world. Compassion International helps communities with education, food, and Biblical teaching. The Salvation Army Rehabilitation program works with addicts that are unable to afford treatment. This particular program really connected to the movie with poverty stricken characters dealing with addiction.

The future for “Redemption of the Commons” looks bright. With a regional theater release already on the way, the film team has been exploring many promotional opportunities. The aim is to have the movie in theaters across the country and distribution on an international level. It will be available for purchase and rental through Netflix, RedBox, and similar rental and DVD outlets.

Windchime Pictures, KT Terry’s production company, is looking forward to this release and other projects on the horizon. Filming for “Redemption of the Commons” wrapped in the summer of 2012, and post production has been steadily underway every since. KT is excited that this movie will open doors for future films. Another script is already in development, and KT hopes to someday get his script for Masada into production. Windchime Pictures is also open to scripts from outside writers, and they are eager to continually bring exciting films into the Christian marketplace.

How can you help “Redemption of the Commons”? Prayer is a definite must. KT Terry also adds, “When it comes out, go see it.” To keep up with release dates and news about this film and others, visit them online.


From: Volume 2 - Issue 1


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