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The end time predictions brought great stress to Shiela’s mother, Evelyn Honbeck. She saw the end of the world as a way to get out of the many great difficulties in her life, including having a child at 40. When the predictions failed time and time again, Evelyn’s grief only multiplied. The church’s view that people should rely on God’s healing without much medical intervention added to Evelyn’s problems when it came to Shiela’s delivery. She refused to go to the hospital. However, when the baby was finally born in a lifeless state, Evelyn’s life took a 180 degree turn around. This came when God answered her prayer to give a lifeless baby life. She found great joy in nurturing such a beautiful little baby girl. The family’s worldview was continually being shaped by the church’s teachings. Living under grace was a very foreign concept, and facing reality was often a hard pill to swallow.

Sweeping reformations came to The Worldwide Church of God in 1994 after leadership changes. These included doing away with the Law and embracing the New Covenant. The church rebranded itself as Grace Communion International. With all the dramatic changes, many families left the church. The Honbecks found it challenging, but they stayed the course. This began an important shift in Shiela’s understanding of who Jesus Christ truly is.

She continued to grow in her faith and eventually found herself in a new denomination. The move was not prompted by doctrinal issues but by her kids. Her young son and daughter proclaimed that they hated church, and Shiela and her husband decided that a move from their small church was vital for the spiritual growth of their children. They soon found themselves heavily involved in City Church in Greenville, SC and learned more about the Holy Spirit. That church encouraged Spiritual gifts, which was very new for the Miller family. Shiela found that she was blessed with the gift of receiving prophetic words of encouragement for others.

This story of the Miracle Baby has many interesting twists and turns. It truly shows God’s blessings on many seemingly impossible odds. Although Shiela is the primary author, the book is peppered with many stories from friends and family members. This brings a very unconventional format, but it actually makes it continually engaging. The book gives interesting insight to the situations and characters in this real life adventure. Chapters are small and a quick read. There are only a few drawbacks to the book. Chronologically the story can be a little hard to follow at times and some slightly off color language comes from outside contributors. There is also a doctrinal issue in regards to hell.

Differences aside, Memoirs of a Miracle Baby is an interesting look at personal stories from Shiela Honbeck Miller’s life. Struggles and the fallibility of man are laid bare here. It is also very eye opening to take an inside look at a denomination that was considered a cult. This book offers many lessons and moments of soul searching and is a recommended read.

All book net proceeds are going towards missions (domestic and/or international, long and/or short-term) at the author’s discretion. Memoirs of a Miracle Baby is available in softbound through Amazon and as a Kindle e-book. Shiela is also available for short talks to church groups and book readings upon request. You can find out more about Shiela Honbeck Miller and her book at www.shielamiller.com.



From: Volume 2 - Issue 3


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