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Why are secret sins so hard to deal with? Christians have become so focused on image. What will others think? The better question is, “What would God think?” The church has moved away from authenticity to spiritual performance. How much can I do for God, and how good can I look to others? The truth is, there is only one measurement of success for a Christian. It is not measured by the results of our labor but by our obedience to God. The shame of our sin produces a fear so great that we do not know where to turn. Church has to once again become a place where men and women are not afraid to seek comfort and guidance. It has to be a safe haven.

We must not look down upon our brothers and sisters but reach out to them. We have all fallen short of the glory of God, and many of us struggle with our own secret sins. The secrecy of struggles hampers the church. True revival will never come until secret sins are dealt with. Will the taboo of pornography continue to make men imprisoned and alone in their sins? Is there true freedom?

Freedom can be found. Solitary Confinement lays out key principles for experiencing that regeneration. This guidance is not only for those struggling with porn addiction, but it applies to any secret sin. One of the first things is to know that true repentance isn’t just admitting your sin, but it is turning your back on the sin. We have to realize that we are made in God’s image, and He has given us the ability and free will to make this turn. He will equip us. A continual attitude of repentance must follow us each day.

Wisdom cannot be overlooked in finding this freedom. Each man has to have a game plan for dealing with their sin. Our response to temptation should be a knee jerk reaction. Don’t look twice, or you’ve already failed. We should have a physical plan that is an immediate response. Get up and walk, call a prayer partner, unplug your TV, or turn off your computer. You can even go to the extreme measures that Kirk Cameron took in the movie “Fireproof” and throw that computer into the trash can!

Truly understanding the selfishness of sin can be a wonderful eye opener. The focus of lust is a person. They are not objects but living souls. For a few seconds of pleasure, we are completely void of concern for that person’s eternity. If lust comes in any form, guide your thoughts to prayer. Pray for that person’s life. We are constantly bombarded by sexual imagery from TV, magazines, advertisements, and even the provocative way many women dress. The enemy is ready to attack us on every front, but we should be continually transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Manhood Ministries continues to bring the good news of Jesus to those that are hurting through speaking engagements, seminars, and one-on-one counseling. Future books and study guides are even in the works to expand the ministry’s reach. Pastor Jimmy’s wife Connie is involved in the ministry and helps counsel couples. An unfortunate result of sin is damage to our relationships, and many women find it difficult to come to terms with their husband’s struggles. Connie allows her first hand experience to help wives redevelop confidence and trust. Some women who have husbands still battling a porn addiction have found comfort in the Solitary Confinement book as it helps them better understand the situation. They realize that this sin is not their fault. It is a struggle of many men, and they may not be able to easily break free. We all have addictions and realize the difficulty of giving up our cigarettes, alcohol, TV, food or even sodas! Manhood Ministries is seeking for these men to be healed, not just recovering.

Restoration and change is possible. Our God is able. All Christians should hold fast to the call to take up our cross daily. Resisting the devil is an active responsibility of every man and woman. There is a battle being fought. Pray for families, and pray for the church to become a safe place once again.

To find out more about Manhood Ministries and Solitary Confinement, visit www.manhoodministries.com Or call Pastor Jimmy Tarrant at (864) 907-2441.

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