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GIOA: What is God doing through “Let There Be Mom”?

Kipra: He is opening doors... Faith is one of the topics we discuss with our applicants - many times we have the privilege to hear the stories of how they came to believe in the Lord, other times, sadly, we hear about a lack of belief - at those points we wait to see what God wants us to do, if anything.

Families from all walks of life are sponsored through the program. (Photo courtesy of “Let There Be Mom”)

GIOA: What is your personal testimony?

Kipra: I grew up knowing about God - I finally stopped to notice God's love for me when I realized He was interested in me. He has given me an entrepreneurial spirit, I was a little lost in what I wanted to do/what I wanted to start. Business ideas were not lacking, but the passion I know I needed to have to pursue any of them, was. So when He, not so subtly, urged me to start Let There Be Mom, I felt a one-on-one attention from Him; a clear direction and feeling that lead to my relationship with Him.

GIOA: How have you seen faith (of the families) effect the families that are served?

Kipra: Those who believe in the Lord as their Savior have a calmness about them, much of their fear is gone.

GIOA: How does the organization deal with families from different religions and cultures?

Kipra: We serve everyone regardless of their religion or culture - and we treat them all the same with open hands and loving hearts, always with the prayer that if they do not yet know the Lord as their Savior that our kindness will help clear a spot in their heart to allow someone to plant a seed.

GIOA: Where did the idea for “Dine Out For Mom” come from and what is involved in it?

Kipra: There are many "Dine Out for (insert your cause here)" events throughout the country - I remember attending one where I grew up (Tampa, FL) when I was young - it was a very popular event. During Dine Out for Mom our restaurant partners (this year we had 42 different restaurants, in over 60 locations, participating) agree to donate 20% of their sales from the entire day to Let There Be Mom.

GIOA: What businesses are involved?

Kipra: All Restaurants are listed on our website at: www.lettherebemom.org/Participating_Restaurants in addition to the restaurants we have corporate sponsors (Cancer Centers of the Carolinas, Greenville Gymnastics, Peek Performance Insurance, Goldsmith Property Management, Drum Creative, Interim Hospice, Greenville First Bank, Entercom Radio, Embroid Me, Cowart Awards)

GIOA: What other fundraisers does “Let There Be Mom” have?

Kipra: Our organization also holds a Spring Fundraiser, called Seek and Snap (Sunday - April 15, 2012) - it is a digital scavenger hunt. Teams of four race (on foot) throughout downtown Greenville and using a digital camera they snap pictures that they believe are the answers to the clues they provide.

GIOA: What is the biggest need for “Let There Be Mom”?

Kipra: Monetary donations are LTBM biggest need. The number of families who are applying for services is increasing rapidly, (recently we received 5 Applications for Services in a 12 day period - that will cost approximately $15,000). we are extremely thankful that the word of our organization is spreading, we also know that to continue to serve families we will need to have the funds to do so. We are trying to staff tables at each of the Dine Out for Mom Restaurants with volunteers that can tell the patrons about LTBM and be there to collect donations for us.

GIOA: How can somebody help “Let There Be Mom”?

Kipra: Donations can be given on-line at LetThereBemom.org or through the mail: 407 Parker Ivey Drive, Greenville, SC 29607. Those interested in volunteering at our events or of learning of future volunteer opportunities should contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jill Cody by email: jill@LetThereBeMom.org.


From: Volume 1 - Issue 1


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