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Letter From The Editors

(From: Volume 1 - Issue 3)


God is so good! No matter what trials come our way or what obstacles we face, God is there with His rod and staff to comfort us. The Lord has mighty plans for the Christian community in Greenville County, and we look forward to being involved.

This issue has been a labor of love, and we appreciate all the prayers and support that has brought it to fruition. There are so many pressures from the world that seek to silence the voice of God. We encourage you all to stand with boldness in this day and hour.

You will find many current issues that we face as a country and world found within this magazine. Giants roam the land which we live in. Local author, Rick Hubbell, explores the David and Goliaths of modern times in his new book. Focus on the Family’s Plugged-In program works to reveal the evils and good within entertainment.

Despite naysayers that speak the contrary, our country’s Christian heritage is in view within WallBuilders. Hope is always found within Christ, and there are many who sing his praises, like musician Jesse Biondi. Other things going on within our Christian community include Greenville Connect and the music venue The Channel.

We hope you take the contents of this issue as an encouragement and call to arms to be all that God intends for you to be. As always, please continue to pray for our community, this ministry, and the Christian body as a whole.

In Christ,
David & Beth

Photo: David, Beth, and Natalie Lyda in downtown Greenville.


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