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Music: Korey Hawkins

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 2 - Issue 1)

We are often our own worst critic. Analyzing our inner struggles and failures, we decide we are not good enough. Though these short comings are beyond what most can see, there is One who knows what we are going through. When we suffer with self-esteem issues, who do we see in our reflection? Do we see a useless broken man or woman, or do we see what God sees? We are new creations in Christ. Looking deep enough into the mirror, we can see our soul that has been made righteous in God’s eyes.

Musician Korey Hawkins knows the Truth, and he has faced the struggles. This self-described shy guy found a therapeutic release for the things found deep inside. God gave him the gift of songwriting. His song “Mirrors” deals with self-esteem issues and how God sees us. Many songs like this leave their performers bare as they reveal a window into their soul, and that’s exactly what Korey intends.

His desire is for the music to touch people, to reach the inside where people are not always so open to talk about. Songs can be a comfort and encouragement to those in Christ, and they can be a powerful witnessing tool to the unredeemed. In music or not, Korey is ready to go wherever God leads him.

Korey began singing to recordings in church with his family as a teenager. When he was only 16, his father gave him his first guitar while they were on vacation at the beach. Playing guitar came very naturally for Korey Hawkins, and he soon began to sing with it. Korey had always had a passion for writing poetry, and he found himself incorporating his words and music into original songs.

A few years after Korey began writing, he relocated from the Enoree Church of God to a church in Woodruff. At his new church home, he began to be involved with the youth group, and even led praise and worship there for a time. Soon, Korey Hawkins formed the band Consumed with a drummer and keyboardist from his church. Using songs that Korey had written on guitar, the band worked together to add each member’s own touch to the arrangements.

With the other members of Consumed finishing high school, the drummer and keyboardist have found themselves moving in new directions. Consumed’s drummer has even decided to join the military. This has given Korey the opportunity to do more shows in a solo acoustic format, though he is still open to new playing with new musicians.

As Korey continues to write new songs, he has found it difficult to pinpoint his style of music. He was initially inspired to play guitar after watching the Christian band Third Day perform. Steven Curtis Chapman and Mark Schultz have also been inspirations, but Korey Hawkins’ music stands apart. Comfortably fitting in a coffee house setting with an acoustic guitar or demanding attention with the power of a full band, this undefined genre of music can definitely be described as personal. Korey strives to make sure the music does not take away from the message of the song, and he does so with beautiful elegance.

Download the free song "He'll Be There" here.


From: Volume 2 - Issue 1


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