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Lee Claypoole took several church members to Kentucky to plant a new church. Jesse came along as the Music & Arts Pastor. DAYLIGHTwasting, who had gone through 8 different members in South Carolina, attempted to continue on. Josh White, original drummer and close friend of Jesse’s, remained with him through this transition. Unfortunately, the group found it difficult to continue without some of the original voices to replicate the previous harmonies. Even with great local musicians, the group just did not click in the same way. With the end of DAYLIGHTwasting, Jesse soon found himself poised to move forward with the next step in God’s plan for him.

There is no doubt that God uses bad things in our life to bring about good. Jesse and his family faced difficult financial issues with their move to Kentucky, which made them unable to plant themselves there permanently. When God placed the burden on Jesse’s heart to pursue his music solo, Jesse relocated his family to South Carolina. He had pondered making his home base in Nashville or Atlanta, but realized that playing shows would sometimes put him on the road. With most of their family in South Carolina, Jesse and his wife Deidra decided that it would be the best place for her and their daughter to be when he was away from home.

Many artists end up going solo after being in a band because of egos or general in-fighting. This was not the case with Jesse and his former band members. It was a gradual change that brought about the situation. He realized that going solo was the best approach to protect God’s direction for his music and to stop any possible hindrances.

One difficult thing about a band can be making sure everybody’s schedule works together. This can become very stressful and many ministry opportunities can be missed. As a solo artist, Jesse is able to say “yes” to any show or worship event. If he has to play a show acoustic, it will be done. If he is able to bring a full band, it will be done. Not surprisingly, many of the rotating members of his backup band are former DAYLIGHTwasting members. This includes his friend Josh White, who moved back to South Carolina as well.

Jesse recorded his first solo effort at Bombhouse Studios in Morgantown, NC and worked closely with the engineer/producer. The songs were all written to be very singable and vocals were recorded in a way that gives a bit of a live feel. The album is a slight departure from the Christian rock of DAYLIGHTwasting, but Jesse continues to move forward with his songwriting and arrangements. His desire is for the music to bless people anywhere they are. The ultimate goal is for his songs to be played by bands in churches across the world. They are written as anthems that are a praise to God and that anybody can relate to.

He has led worship for 5 people, and he has led worship for 24,000 people. If it is just for one soul to be saved through the gift that God has given him, he will soldier on. Jesse Biondi is a man with a heart for serving the Lord.

Download the free song “Your Love” here.


From: Volume 1 - Issue 3


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