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Music: Jesse Biondi

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 3)

Jesse Biondi, a Christian musician from South Carolina, began a new journey as a solo artist in 2012. Through many bands and adventures, Jesse’s call from the Lord has brought him to the release of his first solo album People of the Light (check out our review here). This collection of original praise and worship songs is the culmination of four months worth of studio work. Each instrument piece, minus the drums, was written and played by Jesse. His passion to share God’s love and message through song is beautifully displayed on this five song release.

Music has always been a part of Jesse’s life, and he even began playing his first instrument at the age of three. With a simple three finger technique, his father began to show him some basic piano chords and how to train his ears. Jesse’s father even started quizzing him with songs on the radio by asking what the chord progressions were! At 10, he began to take cello lessons, and then moved on to guitar by age 13. Afterwards, he slowly began to learn more and more instruments, including: bass, mandolin, ukulele, and drums.

Like the testimony of so many, Jesse Biondi grew up in a Christian home. After the divorce of his parents during his teenage years, his family found themselves no longer going to church. Jesse later became involved with a band called Knights of Dei with other Christian friends. His bandmates told him that he needed to be in church if he wanted to continue with the band, and Jesse soon found himself back in church with his life rededicated to Christ.

During college, Jesse started out as an Education Music Major. After some soul searching and encouragement from his wife, he found himself switching to Church Music as a Major. His heart was in the church and what God had called him to. College bettered Jesse’s understanding of musical theory, helped him to better understand instruments and how they worked together, and in turn helped him better understand his own songwriting.

Jesse played guitar in a music team at Gap Hill COG in Six Mile, SC at this time. His senior year required an internship which led him to one of the biggest Church of God churches around, Praise Cathedral in Greer, SC. There, he had the opportunity to start out on cello with the worship team.

Another band formed early on at Praise Cathedral called Purpose 9:16. This band featured the now popular country singer Carol Strickland. Jesse and other members of the band soon found themselves writing other songs that did not fit with what they were already doing. They were reminded of John 9:4 “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” The night was coming, and they knew that they had to use what God had given them while the day was at hand. DAYLIGHTwasting was soon formed in 2007 with Jesse taking lead vocal duties in this Christian rock styled band.

More opportunities for leading worship also came during this time. The Youth Pastor at Praise Cathedral, Lee Claypoole, invited Jesse to play a song for the Youth Group. Soon after, Jesse became the full time worship leader for the Youth Group. After three and a half years at Praise Cathedral, God took Jesse on a major move that placed him in another state.

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