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A very lush, green landscape in the northern part of Haiti.

Typical housing in the small village of Phileberte. This was close to the northern border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where our school desk project benefited the children.

Living Hope Mission provides a clean water well in the yard between each school and church that the entire village can use. Wells typically cost $4,000 - $5,000 each, but are a huge part of God’s ministry there.

A typical city street scene in Cap-Haitien in the northern area of the country. Crowded with motorcycles, taxis, and tap-tap vehicles where large numbers of commuters rode together in small trucks with a top.

No formal sanitation exists, even in cities, so trash lined streets are common.

Center of Limonade, a brick paved square with a Catholic Church. God has a definite presence and history in Haiti with more work yet to be done there.

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