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Missions: Haiti

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 4)

Living Hope Mission Ministries, Inc. operates in the impoverished island nation of Haiti. Dr. Tracey Butcher recently spent time there on a mission trip, sponsored by First Baptist Greenville, where she ministered to the medical needs of some of the children. Below she shares photos and details from her journey.

Dr. Tracey Butcher (from Carolina Pediatrics of Greenville) in Limonade, Haiti with a precious patient after an exam. Each of the three hundred patients received a sticker.

Living Hope Mission (www.livinghopemission.org) has planted nineteen schools and churches in Haiti. These were students waiting in Limonade to be seen by the two physicians.

A young boy around four years old (in Jucharo, Haiti) swallowing his medicine pills as a teacher looks on. There was no liquid medicine here, and all the children swallowed without difficulty.

Dr. Louis Mathis (from Powdersville Family Practice) with a young mother and her sick infant.

Anne Martin with students (at Jucharo, Haiti) in their school uniforms crafted by parents in the community. The uniforms give a tremendous sense of pride to these families. Living Hope Mission provides school buildings, teachers, supplies, and a lunch program.

We saw many Haitian children in American clothes that had been donated. Many did not understand the logos or English, but were grateful that God had provided clothes through Americans.

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