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Meals are generally planned for the week. The operations manager sometimes plans a meal in which a key ingredient is missing and waits for God to provide in His own way. On one such occasion, Martha O’Neal really had her heart set on making Alpine Chicken. The only problem was that she was missing one ingredient. That needed celery had not been coming in and wasn’t even in season. She moved forward in faith however, and God provided the ingredient from an unlikely source. A donation came in that hour of need as individually bagged celery leftovers from vegetable trays that had been provided to a family that had recently lost a loved one. God’s sovereign help is no coincidence as such things have happened again and again! If the Kitchen needs something, they pray for that specific need, and God provides.

God’s Hand can be seen all around the Greer Soup Kitchen. He provides those key ingredients, He empowers the volunteers that serve, and He is touching lives everyday. Some businesses may state that God is in the details of what they do, but God is the main story at the Kitchen.

As mentioned once before, more that the stomach is being fed here. Inside the building you will find a dining hall, but you will also see a prayer room. The people that come here are in need of help. Who better to help than the Great Physician? The staff of volunteers is there to be God’s Hands and Feet. They are there to pray with those in need and offer words of encouragement.

Another part of their outreach is sharing Bible verses every Wednesday. Many of the recipients of these verses keep them and read them again and again. You can hear stories of how encouragement comes to some of those living in boxes, living in tents, or even living in somebody’s shed where the lawnmower is stored. There’s no doubt that God is pleased when He sees His people sharing His compassion for the lost and dying world.

The Greer Soup Kitchen needs more of the Lord’s servants. Teams and leaders are put together each week for particular days. There are many churches that take this opportunity on as a project. Several businesses can be seen volunteering their time to serve. There is even an individual that works third shift but comes in to lead a day each week.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Steve Miller at 864-313-7270, e-mail volunteer@greersoupkitchen.com or call the Soup Kitchen at 864-968-0323. Volunteers are needed to cook, serve, clean, and be there for the people. Right now, the Soup Kitchen is in big need of volunteers for Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyone can volunteer, and there are some who even participate with their walker in tow! You are never too young or old, and even more young people could be greatly used.

If you aren’t available to volunteer physically, there are many other ways you can help. One obvious way is through the donation of food. You can donate general pantry items but also large quantities of leftovers, such as from a catered dinner. The staff at the Soup Kitchen is not very picky and will take almost anything you have to donate.

Blankets, clothing, and toiletries are also needed as donations. With the winter months, many of the homeless do not have blankets, and many of the poor do not have jackets, gloves, or hats for themselves or their children. The toiletries are used many times at the showering facilities located at the Soup Kitchen, where many receive their only showers and running water.

Monetary support is also greatly needed for the Greer Soup Kitchen’s costs of utilities, materials, maintenance, and general operating expenses. Often, this aspect of running a soup kitchen is overlooked by many through their donations. Donations can be sent to: Daily Bread Ministries: The Greer Soup Kitchen, P.O. Box 2344, Greer, SC 29652, or you can use PayPal online at www.wickliffe.net/greersoupkitchen.

Great things are going on in Greenville County. Lives are being touched and changed. The Greer Soup Kitchen is one of the wonderful ministries reaching out to the community, and we can all be a part of that type of ministry if we simply answer God’s calling. “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35.


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