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By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 3)

Like Greenville In One Accord, GreenvilleConnect has a desire to see God’s people unite. Each month, GreenvilleConnect organizes a luncheon to bring this body of ministry partners together. They meet to discuss their many goals and community opportunities. Much more than just a lunch meeting, GreenvilleConnect’s specific mission is detailed on their website...


GreenvilleConnect is a network of Christian churches, ministries, and community/business leaders whose purpose is cooperative evangelism, discipleship, prayer, and service.

Vision Statement

GreenvilleConnect will become the trusted organization for promoting an ecosystem of ministry networks unifying Christians in order to impact the community for the cause of Christ.

Core Values

Unity in the Body of Christ: We believe unity is best strengthened by Christians working together to fulfill the Great Commission (Eph. 4:11-13). Our purpose is to foster a culture of unity across the local Christian community.

Service to the Body of Christ: We serve all believers from Christian traditions that have a shared belief in the essential doctrines of the faith as revealed in Holy Scripture and summarized in the ancient creeds of the church.

Cooperation in Ministry: We believe the Body of Christ can be much more effective in reaching the lost and helping the needy if we work together than if we continue working separately (Eph. 4:13b, John 17:21).

Reliance on Prayer: We believe that a culture of prayer is essential to carrying out our mission.


Program Strategies: The program Strategies described below constitute three basic initiatives that GreenvilleConnect will employ to achieve its mission. Each strategy will have an action plan and measurable goals.

- Support and provide a common information resource center for the Greater Greenville Christian community. GreenvilleConnect will support and provide a wide array of information resources for Christian churches and Christian service organizations. The resources will facilitate and serve ministry needs.

- Promote joint ministry outreach to the Greater Greenville area. - GreenvilleConnect will promote and facilitate collaborative community outreach projects that combine the efforts of individual Christian churches and Christian service organizations in evangelism, discipleship, and service.

- Initiate and host activities for the purpose of stimulating fellowship and ministry opportunities to present the gospel. GreenvilleConnect will organize and host events that will bring Christian churches and Christian service organizations together for fellowship, inspiration, and equipping for ministry.

Marketing Strategies: GreenvilleConnect will actively promote the following activities for participation and financial support as appropriate. Each marketing strategy will have an action plan and measurable goals.

- Conduct fundraising campaigns - We will solicit our constituency annually with a campaign for financial support to fund the cost of general operations. We will also solicit funding from other sources including corporations, foundations and individuals.

- Promote the use of the GC website - The GreenvilleConnect website provides a 24/7 presence in the community and contains a wide array of services and timely announcements, so there must be an intentional strategy to make it known to the Christian public.

- Promote facilitated events - GC will facilitate events which are initiated or hosted by participating Christian churches or Christian service organizations.

- Promote GC initiated and hosted events - From time to time, GC will itself initiate or host events which are consistent with its mission statement.


From: Volume 1 - Issue 3


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