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After graduating high school, Elizabeth discovered something unexpected. At Clemson University, she found people with totally different backgrounds. Not everybody had a great upbringing, not everybody had loving parents, and not everybody grew up in church. People were grasping for things to make them happy but could never find it. Maybe they went for more money or tried to find fulfillment in a relationship. Whatever it was, they always came up short. Nothing was ever good enough. It suddenly became very evident to Elizabeth that lots of people had never encountered the love of Jesus.

Going into the real world and applying what she had learned growing up was sometimes a challenge. We are so bombarded with the things of the world that they threaten to influence our world view. It can be difficult to be a Christian at times, but Elizabeth knew the importance of trusting God every step of the way. She realizes living her faith is so much more than being a good person. It is giving your entire being to Jesus because our “heart is spoken for.” The Christian world view that comes from giving it all to God will bring us through any challenge.

Elizabeth Ingram immerged victorious from college with her faith stronger than ever. She soon joined Erwin Penland in Greenville, SC and put her Public Relations and Marketing degree to good use. Working with clients such as Bojangles', Bi-Lo, Firehouse Subs, and Michelin; Elizabeth learned so many things. After five years with the company, she felt like God was leading her outside of Greenville. This struck her as strange because she was happy where she was. The self described “homebody” thought “Lord, you must have the wrong person.” Elizabeth wanted a loud and clear sign from God and suddenly all arrows pointed towards Nashville, TN.

Why Nashville? She knew the call to Nashville wasn’t to be a singer. Elizabeth states that she “can’t carry a tune in a bucket!” Still she felt the draw towards Nashville. She had always loved music and loved the impact that it could have on people’s lives, but what could Elizabeth do in music if she couldn’t sing? After reconnecting with a friend that had worked for a record label in Nashville, Elizabeth discovered that the Christian media firm Merge PR was hiring. She thought “that’s what I was called to do!” It would be the best of both worlds, media relations and a platform for sharing the Gospel.

God opened the door, and Elizabeth was able to interview with Stacie Vining and Lori Mahon from Merge PR. Elizabeth describes the process as “more like catching up with old friends instead of doing an interview.” Soon after, Elizabeth Ingram was offered the public relations position and moved to Nashville, TN to start her new job. This “dream come true” is the next step in allowing Elizabeth to share the faith and values that her family instilled in her.

Elizabeth wants to continue to do the Lord’s work. She wants to glorify Him in her job, and she is excited to share music that will encourage those that don’t know Jesus. The opportunity to represent artists that are believers and worship leaders is beyond words. Elizabeth prays that God will use her and that salvation will come to many.

It took a while for Elizabeth Ingram to realize that her testimony was something worth sharing. The truth is, God uses everybody’s story to advance His kingdom. What a powerful testimony it is that the Lord protected and blessed Elizabeth by giving her a Christian family. There is no doubt that somebody has impacted each of our lives. Perhaps it is a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a pastor. Take the time today to thank God for putting that person or persons in your life. If your spiritual mentor is still alive today, let them know how much you appreciate their love for you.


From: Volume 2 - Issue 1


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