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Elizabeth Ingram from Merge PR

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 2 - Issue 1)

Elizabeth Ingram has a story to tell. It is not like anyone else’s story, and that’s ok. God has a unique plan for each individual. He comes to each of us in different ways and at different times. He uses different people and different situations to shape us into whom we become. Our testimony can change lives.

Merge PR is in the business of sharing testimonies. This public relations and marketing firm based in Nashville, TN works with some of the biggest names in Christian music, including Audio Adrenaline and Family Force 5. They share about the musicians and their music. Merge PR tells the stories behind the songs, and they make sure they can reach as many people as possible. The Christian music industry can change lives.

Elizabeth joined the Merge PR team in June 2013. The excitement she feels in being involved with a “PR dream come true” is truly overshadowed by her joy to spread the love of Jesus through the musicians she represents. Ms. Ingram feels strongly about the impact that Christian music can make and loves sharing all the unique testimonies. She wants to glorify God in all that she does, and she wants to see people saved! Elizabeth Ingram’s testimony is the reason for her passion.

Sometimes when we grow up in church and never hit “rock bottom”, we may feel like our testimony is not a big story. Elizabeth Ingram knows the feeling. She grew up in a Christian home. Originally from Grapevine, TX, the Ingram family relocated to Greer, SC when Elizabeth was in first grade. The blessings of growing up in a devoted Christian family found Elizabeth saved and baptized at the tender age of seven. The importance of family was clearly on display in the Ingram household.

Our God is a God of order. He has set the family up in a particular way. The consequences of a broken family unit are very evident in society. God has put the father as a leader, the mother as a nurturer, and the children have been put under the parents’ care. Remove the father, you have a problem. Remove the mother, you have a problem. Disobey the parents, you have a problem. Today’s society does not value the family unit, but Elizabeth was blessed with great parents.

She describes them now as her best friends, but growing up; her parents were first and foremost concerned with raising Elizabeth. Charles and Gerrie Ingram were instrumental in teaching her about Jesus. They taught Elizabeth and her sister right from wrong. Her mom and dad taught what the Bible said, and that It was not up for interpretation. The Ingram children were disciplined when they needed it, and they always knew that their parents loved them.

Charles and Gerrie taught them to be the light of the world and to treat others as they would be treated. Following the “Golden Rule” is not always easy, but it is what the world desperately needs. Knowing the love of Jesus enables us to love others. To continually keep this love in the forefront of the Ingram girls’ minds, their parents made sure they were always in church and surrounded by good Christian friends and mentors. Elizabeth’s mom and dad instilled the values that found her seeking and growing always.

Another indispensable godly influence was found within her family. Elizabeth looked at her sister Alice’s relationship with the Lord, and she knew she wanted the same experience. Alice may not have known her younger sister was watching, but Elizabeth saw her spiritual walk, growth, and zeal to serve the Lord. The Ingram sisters grew extremely close as Alice approached her graduation before college. Elizabeth was just beginning her high school career, and they realized that time was short. As their faith matured, there was an awakening in realizing that there was more beyond school. Molding and shaping continued afterwards, and new choices would be made on how to live their lives. Elizabeth thought, “How am I going to portray myself to my colleagues, friends, and the world?” She realized that she was going to have to rely on the way she was raised. She had to trust God.

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