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The Decline

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was an early factor that portrayed the church as anti-science. This shifted the Christian church into an identity crisis that by 1879 split into two distinctive groups, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. Evangelicals took a step back from the government and society and reduced Christianity’s influence on culture by half.

The repeal of prohibition set the precedent that we could not legislate morality. The Scopes trial once again blamed Christianity for being anti-science. Then during Herbert Hoover’s run for office, the Fundamentalists supported him strongly. Once the Great Depression took effect, many people blamed the Christians for getting Hoover into office. The Christian people yet again took a big step back from influencing culture after these charges. It was OK to be preachers and missionaries, but politicians, scientists, and journalists were out of the question.

(Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart Williamstown)

Before that, the 1800s saw the rise of progressivism and secularism. In 1926, the first real blow to our nation’s Christian heritage came from a book by W.E. Woodward. His book made claims that George Washington was not a Christian man, that he was not a moral man at all, and that he was a deist (the belief in a God who created the universe and then abandoned it). A book was released the following year that refuted all the claims with original documents. There was a bit of a silent period until secularists in the early 1930s started quoting W.E. Woodward’s book from 1926. By the mid-thirties, books were being released that quoted the books that quoted the 1926 book. By the 1940s, there were hundreds of books that quoted the mid-thirties books. Nobody knew the source any longer. Everything that was in print was regarded as gospel.

There was another silent period during the 50s and 60s where more about Marilyn Monroe could be found in history books than information about our country’s history. By the 70s, 80s, and 90s, it was taught with authority that George Washington was a deist and not moral. Incorrect interpretations of our Constitution also continued to change the country’s view of our founding fathers’ original intent. Our history was attacked, there was silence, and then it was replaced.

Jesus stated that after becoming fully trained, a student would be like his teacher (Luke 6:40). The domino effect has taken effect with our teaching and learning of history. Secular ideas have even been taught to Christian teachers who then impart the erroneous views of our history upon their own students. Unintentional deception continues…

Who is your teacher? Do you check the facts or take everything as truth? There is only one Truth in the Gospel, and their can only be one truth with facts. WallBuilders wants to show you the truth.


Not only do they seek to educate the people, but they strive to rebuild our nation’s foundation. Much like Israel banded together to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem (The Book of Nehemiah), WallBuilders encourages American citizens to come together to rebuild the moral and religious framework that will stabilize and secure a promising future for our country.

WallBuilders, founded by David Barton in 1988, has worked diligently to show the true character, intentions, and principles behind our founding fathers and country. Through some divinely directed circumstances, that often involved thrift stores, their collection of original documents grew to the point where they were able to open a working library and museum in Aledo, TX.

The organization’s website is another wonderful resource full of information, free articles, available books and DVDs, and even school materials. WallBuilders writes books and produces videos that bring forth the information that they continue to discover. They also reprint older books that reflect on our Christian heritage.

The staff includes several public speakers that are available for historical presentations. David Barton, David’s son Tim Barton, David’s daughter Damaris Schuler, Former District Judge Rene Diaz, former State Representative Rick Green, and State Representative Matt Krause all share our rich American heritage all over our country with David alone often speaking to 400 groups in a year.

WallBuilders also provides assistance to government officials on a variety of legal and historical issues. This can include simply providing information, offering consultations, or even testifying in State and Federal Courts. WallBuilders has also organized the ProFamily Legislative Network that is described as an “arm of WallBuilders that monitors and collects pro-family legislation from the various states in over a dozen different areas (e.g., marriage, abortion, education, public morality, gambling, parental rights) which we then make available to legislators and activists in other states at their request, thus enabling pro-family legislation to be introduced in states across America.” (Quoted from www.wallbuilders.com)

God has blessed WallBuilders with great success and a continuingly expanding influence on our society. David Barton himself was bestowed the honor of being named one of “The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America” by TIME magazine and has even achieved a New York Times Best-Seller. He has also won many prominent supporters, such as Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, and several politicians.

The Facts

How do you know the facts of this article are true? Seek for yourself. Go to your libraries and read the original documents. Look at all that WallBuilders has to offer with their endless amount of references and footnotes that show the source materials. Study to prove their books are true. You might be surprised what you’ll find.

After releasing the book Original Intent, David Barton upset an especially dedicated member of the ACLU. He was bound to prove David’s book wrong and started to research for himself. What he found shook the foundation that he stood upon. The man became a Christian and told David that he was right. Not only was he right, but there was so much more he could have said. He stated that the case for our Christian heritage was actually understated by the book!

The Future

As our nation attempts to move further from the moral and religious foundation that makes our country great, we have to wonder what the future holds for our children and children’s children. People still have a hunger for history, and that is evident by the many history related best sellers on the market today. We do have the power as people to better our nation. It’s encouraging to know that there are still good Christian men and women fighting for Christian rights that will bless all of America.

We must not let the moral fabric of our society and freedom become lost in the secular ideas that continue to try and isolate religion and morality from public affairs. As David Barton points out, without religion you cannot have morals, without morals you cannot have self controlled people, and without self controlled people you need greater government. The more anti-Biblical we become, the less the government will work. Pray for WallBuilders and especially pray for our country!


From: Volume 1 - Issue 3


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