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Bridge Media Group

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 2 - Issue 1)

Communication can be an interesting and often times difficult undertaking. Just look at the Great Commission, our call to witness to the world. We make the excuse that we don’t know how to talk to people. We find it difficult to communicate. Then there is the individual call that the Lord gives to each one of us. The big picture within a particular ministry can often be overlooked when we focus on the day to day activities. How can we best communicate our message? How can we effectively effect positive cultural change?

Bridging the gap between a ministry and those that need to be ministered to can be challenging. Isaac Fineman’s media marketing firm Bridge Media Group, LLC realized this need. Small ministries may know how to care for those with drug addictions, those with terminal diseases, or how to feed the poor, but they often don’t know about marketing and public relations. Marketing is proper messaging. Knowing what to say, how to say it, who to say it to, and for how long. Who is your audience? If you had the opportunity to speak to your audience through TV or radio, would you be able to properly articulate your message? Do you have a story to tell?

Bridge Media Group helps ministries effectively connect to their audience. What began in 2007 as a part-time consulting firm for Christian radio stations, soon transitioned toward Christian non-profits and some businesses. By 2009, Isaac became so busy with his side business, that he left his stable position as Station Manager of Christian Talk 660 (HIS Radio Network/RTN in Greenville, SC). This step was a definite leap of faith, but Isaac knew that helping non-profit organizations was where God was calling him.

How could Bridge Media help these ministries? Isaac asks his clients “What is God calling you to do?” He first brings this question to the leader of the organization and then to the board. Searching through why this organization was started and if the vision has changed at all, they confirm their Mission, Vision, and Values. Once this has been established, it becomes the filter for everything they do. If a decision or direction does not fit the Mission, Vision, and Values, the organization does not need to do it.

A good example would be an organization that is called to be a crisis pregnancy center. They may deal with a woman that is also homeless. They would help her in regards to her pregnancy, but to fit the Mission, Vision, and Values of the crisis pregnancy center, they would not try to build a new wing for the homeless. The best option would be to seek out services from a homeless shelter. We are all part of the body of Christ, and we cannot all be the eye or ear of the body. Focusing on God’s particular calling for an organization is vital in reaching its fullest potential. Using the other parts of the “body” is not only best for the ministry, but it is the best way to address the needs that you do not specialize in.

Realizing an organization’s goals and objectives is one step, but defining your audience and reaching out to them is just as important. You’ve got your message, but what is your strategy? Are you aiming at a local audience or are you positioning yourself to be a national ministry? It has been said that if you cast a hook, you can only catch one fish. If you cast a net, you can catch many fish. Bridge Media Group helps the non-profit organization focus on what they are truly fishing for and how to do it. They develop a strategy for the ministry.

If you were to ask Isaac Fineman how important networking is for an organization, he would tell you that it is absolutely critical! Isaac frequently travels around the country building new relationships for his clients through conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, and business meetings. Team leaders are coached on the value of networking and trained in new ways to connect. Even a ministry leader that would not consider his or herself a “people person” is given the tools needed to put themselves in front of new people time and time again. A ministry that does not continually spread its message is like a creek that is stagnant. The plants and animals that depend on the creek will die. Networking is the life blood of a non-profit organization!

If a ministry does not want to take the necessary steps to spread their message, then it becomes a stewardship issue. What do they exist for? Truly it is to glorify God. Jesus came to glorify the Father, and we are called to glorify Him. A deeper truth that Isaac has come to understand is that any job we have can be a full time ministry. Whether it be serving an evangelical outreach or working at a fast food restaurant, we should work as unto the Lord. When we serve in this manner, our work is worship to God. We should be seeking to make an impact wherever life takes us.

Though based in Greenville, SC, Bridge Media Group, LLC works with organizations all over the United States. This public relations, marketing, and fundraising firm is available to serve the needs of non-profit organizations and businesses. Their services can be contracted on a project basis, hourly, or in discounted blocks of time. Bridge Media Group is currently still a one man operation, but Isaac does often collaborate with others that serve non-profits. He would also like to see more join the Bridge Media Group team in the future.

Isaac Fineman has seen more of who God is through his journeys and gained greater confidence in truly relying on Him. Serving with HIS Radio Network was a wonderful opportunity for Isaac to reach people for the Lord. That ministry had its particular audience, and it was like casting one pebble into a large pond. Bridge Media Group has been a new avenue to help cast many pebbles from the wonderful ministries around our nation. Isaac desires to see more unity in the Body through love for others. Non-profit organizations must have unity to function, and the world will know who they are through their love for one another and ultimately their love for Jesus Christ.

To find out more about Bridge Media Group, LLC and their services, visit them online.


From: Volume 2 - Issue 1


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