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The Billy Graham Library

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 1)

You know the man, and you’ve seen the billboards, but have you been to the Billy Graham Library? Through a simple day trip from Greenville to Charlotte, you will discover how God can use any one of us to be mighty ambassadors for Christ.

The story of Billy Graham’s humble beginnings on a farm start the journey through the Library that shows God’s purpose and direction for one man’s life. Through presentations, videos, memorabilia, and galleries, each visitor will be touched by the remarkable story of the “world’s pastor.”

Upon entering the Library through the foot of the cross (a large glass window and door representation), you will notice that this simple barn structure has much to offer you and your family for a free getaway. At no cost to those who wish to visit, the Billy Graham Library welcomes families from all over the world.

Inside the Library, you will begin the tour by being greeted by Bessie, a talking animatronic cow. Through the tour you will have an opportunity to retrace Billy Graham’s steps through ministry. You will be able to see how God took this young man from North Carolina to the world with His message. Interactive videos and displays tell the story of his school days, his tent revivals, and how he has reached people through modern media. Billy Graham’s life is on display from how he met his wife, Ruth Graham, to how he ministered to many of our nation’s presidents.

Billy Graham himself stresses the fact that the true story is not about him. He once stated that “People do not come to hear what I have to say. They want to know what God has to say.” God’s Word and God’s purpose is all upon the Billy Graham Library. You will find this purpose displayed in the scripture engraved into beams of the barn, to the simple message of God’s salvation that is offered in the presentations. At the end of the tour, there is also an invitation to accept the Lord, and staff is available to talk and pray with anyone that desires it.

Also inside the Library, you will find Ruth’s Attic, a bookstore stocked with Bibles, DVDs, other books, CDs, and gifts. Several thousands of Billy Graham’s personal book collection is also on display in this area. Right beside the bookstore, you will be able to enjoy a snack or treat at The Graham Brothers Dairy Bar.

The 20 acre location is not only home to the Billy Graham Library. You will also be able to spend time inside of one of Billy Graham’s childhood homes that was moved to its current location in 2006. Not to be forgotten before you leave, you can also stroll over to view the beautiful memorial prayer garden where Ruth Graham and Billie Barrows, original crusade team member Cliff Barrows’ wife, are laid to rest.

With all the Billy Graham Library has to offer, it is recommended that visitors wear comfortable shoes for this average three hour experience. The Library is open Monday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and closed on Sunday. Several special events and seasonal celebrations are also held each year. Directions, details about the Library, and other information can be found online at BillyGrahamLibrary.org. Groups of 15 or more should make reservations by calling 704-401-3270 or emailing librarytours@bgea.org. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to experience a blessing!


From: Volume 1 - Issue 1


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