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GIOA: I know that the single “Kings and Queens” was written with a former backup dancer for dc talk, and Jason Walker and Mark Stuart also mentioned that they were working on songs. How were you two involved in the writing process?

Kevin: I think that we started rather early with just immediate ideas that I had had and Mark had had. Mark and Jason had a couple songs written, and then Mark and I wrote a couple songs together, and then the ball started to roll here. I mean it just kind of happens, you know, I would say the majority of the album is written with co-writes with different people. I’ve written probably five or six songs. Mark has written four or five songs, and there are other people that have written, but it really focused on bringing Mark in, the song rocker, and really conjoining what he does and what I do, and so that it had the authentic Audio Adrenaline vibe, because that was the process.

GIOA: How were you involved, Will? Music wise, more so, or with the lyrics?

Will: You know I never was the big principle writer in the old Audio A or this. You know, I’m kind of there as more of an executive kind of producer type personality there in the mix. Just giving my two cents, but really it’s Mark and Kevin and some others who were writing a lot of the music. So, um…

Kevin: Will is our band leader, man. (Will laughs) You’re the band leader. I mean, let’s just face it. Will will be too humble, so I’ve got to speak up. (Will laughs) Will is obviously the rock star of Audio Adrenaline.

Will: Um, oh my.

Kevin: He’s basically one of those characters… but he’s also a band leader. He does so many things that people don’t realize, and I’ve actually been blown away by how busy and how much of a worker Will McGinniss is, because like back when we toured together, I just thought of him as a bass player that had a cool vibe. Now that I’ve actually seen him at work, the guy is like a total work horse. (Will laughs) So, it’s amazing to see…

Will: Well, thank you.

GIOA: Why is the bass player always so quiet?

Will: Ah, yeah… it’s weird, you know, but once you get on stage you get a little more flamboyant I guess, I don’t know. Yeah, but you know every band has the personalities and people who plug in at different levels, different gifts, and whatever. We all play our roles.

GIOA: Well, Kevin, what has been the most difficult thing about filling Mark’s shoes?

Kevin: Well, he’s quite a bit taller than I am. (Laughter) Beyond that, just the obvious thing of he’s such a huge personality, he was such a great leader, he’s a really great speaker from stage as well. I’m used to being a lead guy on stage, but it’s been awhile since I’ve actually been a lead singer of a full band. That would go back to my original Liberty University days before I even met Toby and Mike. I was in a band, and I was the lead singer, and I was kind of like the lead guy. Being a solo artist for about ten years, it’s kind of conditioned me to being on stage and having to work the stage. You know, really communicate with people on many different sizes and scales. But, honestly, I’ll never be able to be exactly what Mark Stuart is. I think people will understand that as times goes on, that I’m a different lead singer than Mark Stuart, but I want to really carry his passion and his overall outlook on what Audio Adrenaline is into the future. (I’m) very specifically interested in what he thinks and feels on certain things and constantly ask him what he would do. I know Will is really connected to Mark because of all the years they traveled together and being friends. I think it’s great to have Will’s perspective on what Mark would think would happen and that kind of helps quite a bit.

GIOA: With performing the older songs live, have you had to change any of the tunings or arrangements to fit your voice?

Kevin: What do you think, Will?

Will: Not really. I mean, Kevin’s got a great rock and roll voice. He actually can pull off about anything. So, it’s awesome. We can do the big ballads and do the rock stuff, too, but I mean really it feels like every song has been in a key that works well and goes across pretty much the same. I think it’s fun trying to figure out what songs to actually do. You know, Kevin gravitates to the old rockers, “I’m Not The King”, “Some Kind of Zombie”, and you know, some of those. Which is funny. I don’t know if I would have really thought he would (have) picked those, but that’s great, too, because you know we get to give a fan out there some of that old stuff. When we come to an Audio show in the future, they’ll see a good mix of old and the new records. I think they’ll be real happy with that.

GIOA: Well, that excites me to hear that you’re doing “I’m Not The King.”

Will: (Laughs) We still need to work it out, but yeah, I think we’re going to get to it for our tour in March for sure.

Kevin: It’s so cool because... I mean, if dc Talk were the Beatles of Christian music, Audio Adrenaline were definitely the Rolling Stones. You know… I mean, you have so many songs to choose from. Obviously, we’re going out there with a brand new album, and we have to showcase that, and we have to push forward into the future, and show people that we’re going into a different place. I think that there’s so many great great songs to pick from from the past, too. It’s fun to figure out what the fans want to hear, but then we also have to play what sparks us, and what makes us happy. It’s kind of got to be a balance.

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