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Music: Audio Adrenaline

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 4)

National Christian recording artist Audio Adrenaline is back with a new singer, a new album, and a very particular mission from God. After calling it quits in 2007 due to singer Mark Stuart’s vocal problems, the band found itself reunited with a revised lineup in 2012. The band now consists of former members of several successful Christian bands, including dc Talk, Superchick, and Bleach. The sole remaining member of the original Audio Adrenaline lineup is bassist Will McGinniss. Original lead singer Mark Stuart is still working close with the band regarding their direction and even contributes to their songwriting. With former dc Talk singer Kevin Max now taking Mark’s position, Audio Adrenaline is ready to tread new and familiar ground in the Christian rock world. One mission in the reunited band is to spread the word about a Haiti Children's Village called the Hands & Feet Project. In January of 2013, ahead of their new tour, bassist Will McGinniss and singer Kevin Max took the opportunity to speak to Greenville In One Accord.

Will: Thanks for having us call in today.

GIOA: Thank you guys for taking the time out of your schedule. I know you all are definitely busy right now. So, tell me, what’s God doing through Audio Adrenaline these days?

Will: Aw, man! He’s doing a ton. It’s crazy. You know we came off the road because Mark, our old lead singer, lost his voice, but God was calling us into some different things, and He was. Mark and I plugged in to a ministry called Hands and Feet Project. I’m on the board, and he’s the executive director of that. So, we were going down there a bunch and just maintaining that work. Trying to find ways, creative ways, to keep it afloat and keep the good work going. We have a hundred kids that we are fully in charge of down there at two sites, and so God has given us a lot to do down there, and we were working it. It’s kind of a ma and pa type shop. Our families are really involved with the work as well. We go down there with our kids and stuff. That’s really where getting Audio A back together again came from. We were doing full time ministry with the Hands & Feet Project when God gave us the opportunity to expand its reach and to allow Hands and Feet to get a greater awareness out there through Audio Adrenaline... which is where we started Hands & Feet to begin with, with our wonderful fans that supported us back in the day. So, we just picked right up kind of where we left off…He is orchestrating some really crazy things, you know. He’s brought the band back together. He’s brought Kevin Max to the table from dc Talk, which is… you know, not anyone could have wrote that in the story. (Laughs) Dave Ghazarian on guitar, Jason Walker on keys, and Jared Byers on drums. So it’s just a great core… a group of guys that are like minded in spirit and heart and love Jesus and love the fact that Hands and Feet is attached to this thing at a deep level, and those kids will be benefiting directly from our success, and from records we sell. So, that’s kind of an overview, but He’s also doing a lot more than that. You know, there’s a lot of redemptive stories that play with... within each of us and our families and everything. So, it’s just cool to be watching what He’s doing.

GIOA: … and I have to say, joy definitely comes from listening to you guys’ music.

Will: Aww, awesome.

GIOA: You mentioned that sales from the album are going to help Hands & Feet. What else is Audio Adrenaline doing to bring awareness and promote the Hands & Feet Project?

Will: I think we’ll have times when we’ll talk about it from stage, and I think they’ll probably be a booth out there representing Hands & Feet. The record, you know, we’ll have some things in it, the album art and all that will be about the Hands & Feet Project. Mark will come out to certain shows and speak on behalf of Hands & Feet. You know, it kinds of makes sense, and if we did a whole tour where Hands and Feet is the main sponsor, and he shows videos every night and talks about it that way. Like, Compassion or World Vision will do things like that. For the most part it’s just, it’s part of our story, you know. So people, by the sheer fact that we’re attached to it at such a deep level, will hear about it on a regular basis. When we do like these radio interviews or magazine interviews or when we’re live on the air, it just sort of comes up. ‘Cause it’s such a big part of Mark and I’s history. Things like that are probably the main way. The label is really involved in various philanthropy works. They give back lots of money to non-profits. So, that’s another way Hands and Feet is going to benefit. It’s just kind of cool. The pieces of the puzzle seem to really be connected to the Hands and Feet. Really, people want to see it grow and prosper from this. So, that’s really kind of what I’m feeling from it.

Kevin: Yeah, I mean, I think it’s all about awareness. You know from a live standpoint it’s all about Audio Adrenaline having the opportunity to tell people at large what Hands & Feet is all about. Because there’s probably still a big group of people out there that have never really heard about Hands & Feet, and when we come through town they’ll be able to understand what it’s about. So, I mean it’s a huge opportunity for a rock band to be able to talk about something that is actually changing lives. So, it’s pretty exciting.

GIOA: Now, I’ve often heard the question posed… “Why are we helping orphans and abandoned children in other countries when we have many right here in America?” Kevin, with your background of being an orphan, how would you address this possibly well meaning but misdirected question?

Kevin: I think that it’s easier to look at cases in other places. Um… that was a rhyme. Because, you know we get a little bit jaded living here in the lap of luxury, and I think when we start to see people that are going through situations like that in countries that are so much more needy than ours, I think our attention is drawn there. Yeah, in America there’s so many stories of people in need, and I believe that we should reach out in any way possible. I think it’s a great topic. How can we help our own country, and how can we help the orphan children of our own country, and how can we get involved? Obviously America has a lot more opportunities, and in my case I was adopted as a young infant. So, you know, I owe everything I have today to the people that adopted me. I look back on that all the time, and I’m just like “wow”, what a fortunate scenario I’ve been able to go through with these people. And, you know, when I see the work that Hands & Feet are doing, in Haiti specifically, it’s that story but on a much more impacting level because of the situation they are in over there. I mean, it’s one of the poorest countries in the world. So it’s amazing to see that huge contrast. I agree that the problem is the same over here in some ways.

GIOA: OK. The first single from your album came out in October. Is “Kings and Queens” really a good representation of the whole album’s sound, and what can fans expect from the rest of the new album?

Kevin: No! No! No! (Laughter from Will) This album, this album is going to rock, man!

GIOA: Alright!

Kevin: We’re not going to like… put out a bunch of music with synthesizers and happy strings. (Will laughing) It’s gonna… melt some faces!

GIOA: I’m glad to hear that!

Kevin: It’s a really great album full of a lot of different styles, and, it covers a lot of ground stylistically. It covers a lot of ground lyrically. It’s a pretty broad album. I mean, it’s definitely an Audio Adrenaline album when it comes to subject material, and the fact that it’s rock. The fact that the band is playing, and it’s not overly produced. It sounds like an Audio Adrenaline album. You know, as a former member of dc Talk, I see some dc Talk influence in this album too. What I’m excited about is Audio A can carry on the legacy of making great music, and I think that’s really what it boils down to for us was creating songs that were going to be long lasting and we can play live that you know would excite people.

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