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GIOA: Cool! The Kings and Queens album was more of a pop album than some of the older Audio Adrenaline records.

Jared: Yeah.

GIOA: There’s a rumor going around that Audio Adrenaline is turning into a Praise & Worship band. Is there any truth to that?

Jared: You know, I think it’s all perspective. Yeah, we’re going to do some Praise & Worship stuff with Acquire the Fire. That’s something we’re really looking forward to, teaming up with them in the future, like this fall. We have always done Praise music. We’re playing a lot of songs from our record right now at our shows, and then we’re playing old school songs as well. To connect to people and to bring the mode down to where like what we’re really there for is to connect with them on a spiritual level. A lot of songs actually do that anyway. It’s songs that Audio Adrenaline has written, and the record that we released, Kings and Queens. We’ll sing a couple hymns and do some worship at every set that we play. So, for the heart of Audio A and for the connection that we want spiritually within our show, worship is a huge part of it, and that’s the part I think all of us really look forward to on a nightly basis. We just had these crazy doors open with Josh and with the future doing some Acquire the Fire stuff that just aligned perfectly. If anybody’s asking about us being a Praise & Worship band, I think we all have that, in the Christian industry, we all have that within us. We’re trying to blur the lines and the next record is still going to be a record that is going to be poppier, good grooves, it’s going to be rocking. It’s going to be Audio Adrenaline still, because you’ve got Mark still writing. You’ve got Will being a part of it, and then you’ve got us new guys that are doing it, but we want to keep Audio A going as soon as possible.

Josh: I’d say Audio Adrenaline, it’s always had three elements to their songs. It’s the fun rock. It’s the inspirational sort of challenge songs… “Hands and Feet”… “Ocean Floor”, and then it’s the worship songs… “King”… “Pierced” and all that. So, when I sat down with Mark to talk with him about this transition, we had coffee, me and Mark and Will… just a moment for me as the new guy coming in, to get the heart, the passion of what this band has been about for a long time. So, I can share that from the stage and share that in interviews as well. That’s what Mark said, man. This is what an Audio Adrenaline show has always been about. We’ve always had a great time in God and encouraging the underdog. I think it’s absolutely what we’re going to keep going for; songs that we are writing for this new record has all of that. Praise & Worship has never been outside of Audio Adrenaline’s scope. We’re not going to have a whole record of that, but there’s going to be some moments there, and it will help us with this opportunity we have with Acquire the Fire coming up. To say we’re just going to be a Praise & Worship band is not accurate, but we’re definitely going to just keep the spirit that Audio Adrenaline has always really been. I’d say the next record is going to be another Audio Adrenaline record and everything that that means.

GIOA: I guess what scares a lot of older fans is that they are afraid the “Adrenaline” aspect of the band might be overlooked if you go towards a more Praise & Worship type of sound. Is there going to be dirtier guitars on here? Any solos?

Jared: Heck, yeah.

Josh: Oh man, we’ve got Dwayne Larringon guitar. I don’t think there’s any way to keep away from it (laughs).

Jared: Ah, yeah. That guy’s incredible, man.

Josh: It’s like we’ve got one of the greatest guitar players I’ve ever heard. You know? That’s what I’ve always loved about Audio Adrenaline, the guitar rock, man; it’s unapologetic guitar rock.

Jared: Yeah, and I think we missed some of that on this last record, too. There’s a lot of songs that are beats without a lot of guitar. This record’s probably going to be closer to that (guitar rock) , because Dwayne blows us away and reminds us of Tyler every time we play a show. I mean, it’s just like playing with Tyler. It will be closer to old school Audio A if anything.

Josh: We got to spend some time with Tyler the other night, actually when we played in Minnesota. Him and Dwayne were just going back and forth about all the different gear that they’ve shared with each other throughout the years of playing in different bands. Tyler was like, “Yeah, man. I still have the pull tone pull drive on my pedal that you gave me back in the ‘90s. I’ve still got that Bigsby… that Les Paul that you gave to me.” It was cool to hear them go back and forth. So, I think it’s going to be unashamedly guitar heavy.

GIOA: Awesome! Well, I think the Kings and Queens album, even though the guitar may have been down in the mix, live you all definitely brought it rocking.

Jared: Yeah, we try to.

GIOA: … and I think that’s something that happens a lot of times, is that albums are mixed in a way that the guitars are kind of buried. Sometimes, the drums are even down in the mix, but Jared, you definitely brought the rock with your drumming on the record.

Jared: Ah, thanks, brother. I’m going to do my best on the next one too, man.

Josh: I would say musically, some people when they think Praise & Worship, they think weak; weak creativity on the music side. That the music is just there as a bed of mush so that the lyrics come across. I would say when we’re talking about Praise & Worship, we’re talking about absolutely creative musical elements that are just vertical, and they are lyrically.

Jared: Yeah, it’d be cool to have a record that we view as a Praise & Worship, but people just think it’s Audio Adrenaline with the three aspects that Josh was talking about before, with like the “Ocean Floor” (type of) songs. It’d be cool to pull something off that is different, that is Praise & Worship worthy to us.

GIOA: Right. Who all is involved in the writing process right now?

Josh: We all are in many ways, different ways; everybody’s bringing their strengths to the table.

Jared: Yeah, we’ve got a few buddies around town that are helping out as well. We’re just kind of getting pre-production done; we’re not recording for the record yet. So, we’re still figuring that out.

GIOA: … and you did say Mark was in the mix as well, right?

Jared: Absolutely. One of the biggest heaviest songs we’re working on right now is a Mark Stuart song.

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