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GIOA: Are there particular tunings/keys that you like for the band to play in?

Cory (V): If I have a vocal strength, it’s range, so no. We experiment a lot with different tunings, but there’s not one tuning or key I prefer.

Scott (B): I can’t tell you; that’s our secret weapon! Ha! Mostly drop C#.

Greg (G): The original 3N guitarist used standard dropped D tuning on much of the older material. My tuning is similar only 1/2 step lower- dropped C#. I also tune some guitars to Eb for songs like “Move”, “Down On My Knees”, and many praise and worship covers.

GIOA: What kind of tone do you go for?

Scott (B): Basically a balanced EQ with a little overdrive growl.

Greg (G): I am always looking for the perfect tone but it’s no easy task as from venue to venue the same tone doesn’t always seem to sound the same! Physics I guess! But my goal is a tone that sounds like a Skillet/Alterbridge mix.

GIOA: What is your equipment setup at shows?

Cory (V): I personally use a Beta 58 mic and whatever mic stand I can find at the venue.

Bryan (D): Pacific Drums - 4 pc kit

Scott (B): Currently I’m using an Ibanez SRX-350, Digitech BP-8, Hartke LH-1000, Hartke Hy-Drive 810 and Line 6 wireless unit.

Greg (G): My main rig is a Mesa Roadster head/Mesa Rectifier 4X12 Cab with a TC Electronic G-System controlling all channel switching and fx. I use channels 3 and 4 for my overdriven tone and through the G-System I add a little boost for leads with an OCD pedal in front of the Roadster. My guitars include an Ernie Ball John Petrucci JP6, a Les Paul Supreme, and a Fender 50th anniversary Strat.

GIOA: How do you approach recording?

Cory (V): When you’re doing music at this level, the way to approach recording is efficiency. Recording is expensive, so I don’t waste any time. My approach is being prepared before we ever walk in the door.

Bryan (D): I let the sound guys/producer handle it, just follow their pointers.

Scott (B): As worship. If I’m worshiping as I’m creating and recording, then whatever is created will be to His glory and will touch the listeners as such.

Greg (G): I sometimes use different guitars for overdubs but most often just change channels and dial in a sound that supports the existing guitar. On Not My Own I actually used my old Mesa Roadking and then a Vox AC30 for the overdubbed track. It gave a certain distinction to the rhythm guitar sound.

GIOA: How would you describe your role in 3nailz?

Cory (V): Well outside of being the visual on-stage leader – which is my primary role – I find my part of our dynamic being the “let’s focus” guy – keeping on point.

Bryan (D): leader of the pack! (Editor’s note: Bryan has always been the go-to guy and next to GOD, keeps things together)

Scott (B): Since instrumentally we are a 3 piece band I am basically the rhythm section.

Greg (G): Well there’s the music related role where I contribute to new material which has been guitar work with very little input to the lyrics. I mostly focus on the guitar parts and try coming up with something catchy! Also there’s the Christian ministry member that requires me to live upright and follow Jesus and to show His love to others whether I’m on stage jamming or not.

GIOA: For somebody unfamiliar with 3nailz, what band(s) would you compare yourself to?

Cory (V): I’d tell people we range from Nickelback-sounding stuff to Pillar-sounding stuff.

Bryan (D): Kutless or 12 Stones.

Scott (B): Again, I do not like to compare, but what most people have told me we sound like a cross between Creed, Disciple, and Pillar – but with our own sound, too.

Greg (G): I guess our style would probably be in between of Disciple and Casting Crowns.

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