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Music: 3Nailz

By: David Lyda (From: Volume 1 - Issue 1)

Cory Truax (Vocalist)
Bryan Clardy (Drummer & BGVs)
Scott Eller (Bass Player)
Greg Snipes (Guitarist)

3Nailz is a band aimed at spreading God’s Word through song. This South Carolina based group has been performing off and on since 2000 and have been blessed to bring the Message to old and young alike. After a few member changes through the years, the current lineup was finalized in 2010. 3Nailz took the time recently to talk to Greenville In One Accord.

GIOA: What is 3nailz’s mission as a band?

Cory (V): To advance the Kingdom of God however we can. Even more specifically, to advance the Kingdom of God through music to youth and young adults.

GIOA: What has God been doing through your band?

Cory (V): This is one that we probably won’t know until eternity. But we get emails, Facebook messages, and random people who tell us our music and ministry encourage them.

Scott (B): I think He has done as much in our personal lives as the lives of others we are in contact with. We’ve all had our hard time and trials, but He makes us stronger through those. We have also grown closer together through this journey.

Greg (G): We have seen God touch people at concerts and while listening to 3Ns’ music that has brought them into a personal relationship with Him.

GIOA: What is your personal testimony?

Cory (V): I had some sort of salvation experience – the typical prayer, signing a card, and getting dunked in some water – at a young age. But I believe my actual conversion happened in college. Through some convicting personal conversations and sermons, it became quite clear my world revolved around me. It was clear I had Jesus as a friend and a cultural identifier, but I didn’t have him as Savior of a helpless sinner (me). It was only then – when I realized in a very real and concrete way that even I really did deserve Hell – that grace seemed so beautiful and God’s wrath seemed so terrifying. And when the wrath of God is staring you in the face, you have two choices. You can run, but you’ll lose. It will catch up with you. Or you can run right to it, begging for mercy and receiving grace.

Bryan (D): God saved me from a life of drugs and alcohol.

Scott (B): I was at a point in my life where I was very far from the Lord. God kept placing me in situations for seeds to be planted. Finally, I bought a Bible in an attempt to disprove it all. After reading it in about two months, I found the Truth.

Greg (G): My testimony is one that seems to be kind of common: alcohol the main focus! I consider myself an alcoholic, but through the amazing power and forgiveness of God I don’t have a need or desire for the old lifestyle and instead of playing music for the devil’s purposes in bars. I now play for God in church and wherever He calls me.

GIOA: How did you become involved with the band?

Cory (V): In 2005, the band was looking for a new front man. The Drummer, Bryan, called, we set up an audition, and the rest is history.

Bryan (D): A good friend, Tavner Smith.

Scott (B): God. That’s the only way I know to put it. While on-line one day, trying to find some gigs for my worship leader, I came across a website for a festival near Asheville, NC. On that site, I found a link to 3Nailz. I kind of liked their music, so I kept an eye on them. One day, I saw they were looking for a bass player. About six months after joining the band, my wife and I, after much prayer, felt that God was leading us here. We then moved our family 150 miles away so that we could better serve this ministry.

Greg (G): Luckily I played with one of 3Nailz’s original members, drummer Bryan Clardy, with our church’s praise team, and this led to my joining the band when the need for a new guitarist came up.

GIOA: How did you learn, and how long have you been playing/singing?

Cory (V): I’ve always said that as long as someone isn’t tone deaf, they have the potential to sing. So, I’m not tone deaf. Anything desirable about my vocals after that is God’s grace and a lot of practice. I’ve been singing in some form since I was 9. Unfortunately, that’s now 16 years.

Bryan (D): I’m self taught, been playing in the band 11yrs., longer personally. (Editor’s note: Bryan is the only original member left).

Scott (B): Mostly self taught. I did have about one year of lessons when I first started playing 20 years ago.

Greg (G): I actually just picked up enough “guitar” tips from family and friends to get started and practiced sometimes for hours with music on the radio and LPs. My mother and grandmother bought my first electric guitar in 1981! I played on that guitar for over 15 yrs.

GIOA: What bands/people influenced you early on?

Cory (V): Newsong (Russ Lee). For real. I was one of those. Even on in to my teen years, my vocal influences were contemporary ones like Scott Kripane, Edwin McCain and later Bart Millard from MercyMe. My big brother, who can out sing me in any register, was also a major influence. As I progressed into rock music, Creed’s Scott Stapp is what I wanted to be. But along the way, guys like James Hetfield (Metallica) Rob Beckley (Pillar) showed me how to do rock.

Bryan (D): YES.

Scott (B): Bands. Wow! Many, many bands. Early on I only listened to secular bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Pantera were some of my favorites. Since I’ve been saved I only listen to Christian bands such as Skillet, Fireflight, Aaron Shust, Jeremy Camp, etc.. A few of the people that have influenced me in music are Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, and Stu Hamm. I don’t think I realized how much of an influence my parents and other family members had on me until much later in life, but what they did and said early on made an impact on who I am now.

Greg (G): My earliest influences were the Scorpions, Deep Purple, AC/DC, and Dokken. George Lynch from Dokken was one of my favorite players. Also Creed became one of my favorite bands during the 90’s. Skip ahead and I found Christ and one of His very anointed musicians (guitarist) Lincoln Brewster who inspires me regularly. Disciple, Skillet, Casting Crowns, and Hillsong are other influences.

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